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As we head into the new school year we understand that families in our community may need extra support to help their children succeed academically with new and changing educational environments. We are excited to offer full and half day programs to assist students with online learning, as well as physical education and free play at Jump Time!

To help us gain a better understanding of your family’s needs, please help us by filling out the survey below. 

Jump Time Scholars - Academic Support Club
Parent Survey

Assuming appropriate safety measures are in place, would you like your child to attend Jump Time Scholars in the fall? *

How much academic support will your child need? *

Select how much support you expect your child to need, with one star being very little support and 10 stars being a high level of support.

What schedule will your child need during fall? *

(For example: Mon-Fri 9-1, Tues and Thurs 9-4, etc)

Would you like us to provide a structured Physical Education class for your child(ren)? *

Would you like Jump Time to offer snacks and hot food options for your child(ren)? *

Is there any additional information you would like us to know about we can best support you and your child's needs?

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Jump Time Scholars program?


Saturday Feb 8th


We're so excited to partner up with the Meridian Library Foundation to host this amazing fundraiser to raise money for the Meridian Library District. Join us for celebrity story times, book mobile activities, raffles and tons of fun!!

Saturday Feb 1st

Wild At Heart

Come visit our booth at Zoo Boise's Free Day on February 1st 2020!

Charities and Donations

Charity of the Quarter

We're proud to have the opportunity to raise funds for this amazing cause. Help animals in your community by rounding up to the nearest dollar each time you make a purchase at Jump Time. So far, in January we've raised over $200!

Recent Donations

Shout out to all the companies and charities who're doing wonderful things for our community. We've recently had the privilege to donate passes and merchandise to help support the following organizations and causes:

American Heritage Girls West Ada School District Gala
Idaho Children's Trust Fund - Event for Child Abuse Prevention
Galileo Stem Academy - The Great Kindness Challenge
Tiny Divas Dance Academy
New Plymouth Elementary School Carnival
Timberline High School - Make-a-Wish Basketball Game
Boy Scouts
Icon Credit Union
Morley Nelson Elementary
Lake View Golf Course
Willow Creek Elementary